Vol 9 No. 29 Some News and Items for Prayer

Dear Folks,

  • Please continue to pray for Devin Seghers as he heals and mends over these next months.
  • Please give thanks and pray for Josh Goetz and Mark Doerkson for their work as interim Heartland Regional Ministers.
  • Continue to remember camping, staff, children and parents who entrust their children to this family of churches and its ministries of camping.
  • Please remember all those on holiday, particularly for safety, refreshment, renewal and re-formation.
  • Please also pray for the transitions in the Vancouver office as Naomi Wakeman enters Nursing school but remains part-time and Shelby Gregg pursues her life long passion and expertise in travel. Both Naomi and Shelby transition on Friday, August 16th. Please pray for the appointment of Amber Barker, as the new Vancouver Administrative Associate who begins July 22nd.

Amber Barker comes to us as a Program Director, Administrative Associate and Leader with over 6 years of experience in managing volunteers and creating programs with campus ministries at UBC. She has experience with organizing large and small events, strong writing and verbal skills and a considerable amount of planning, coordinating, and administrating in the areas of communication and budget. Amber came highly recommended in areas of being collaborative, respectful, and supportive of others, and has also worked with students as a pastor, mentor and organizer. We welcome Amber to this new position.

Just a quick paragraph on a very encouraging and exciting time I experienced on Sunday the 14th and Monday the 15th on a trip to the Heartland. On Sunday I took part in the 30th anniversary of the Filipino Christian Fellowship, I did this at the invitation of Rev. Roslyn Pamplona and was delighted to experience that event with Roslyn, his wife Josephine, and a whole group of familiar faces, encouragers and members of that congregation. The church had been strongly involved in Serve in Winnipeg and over the last month had strongly participated in creating resources and sending funds for those involved in the Alberta floods. This is a very strong multigenerational and vibrant place. It was a delight to be welcomed there and given the wonderful food they create and the hospitality and kindness with which they share it, a very dangerous place to eat regularly. I had coffee with a former CBWC Board member, Mary Stuber-Doerkson and out interim Heartland Regional Minister, Mark, followed by a conversation with Gord King about his upcoming talks at the Banff Pastors Conference on the parables of Jesus. It was great also to see Regine,  Gord’s wife, who teaches at the University of Winnipeg. That night found me in Saskatoon and early Monday found me driving towards Prince Albert and First Baptist in that city to pick up Michael Engbers as we continued onto Christopher Lake and Quest Camp. The camp is thriving this year and it’s Director Sean Cruickshank is deeply encouraged at their leadership core, the number of campers, and the present and future ministry of the camp. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with both Michael and Sean and as we returned to Prince Albert, Michael and I popped into John and Olive Defienbaker’s house…quite fascinating.

So, there is prayer and news for thought.



In Christ,