Vol 3 No. 30 Rocky Mountain College

The denomination has had a long history of encouraging post high school education in its work through university groups, summer camp leadership programs and of course the now retired Baptist Leadership Training School and Ascent Program.

We have been in need of a good school to partner in undergrad programs with and have found that partnership in Rocky Mountain College in Calgary, please go to http://www.rockymountaincollege.ca/ to find out more of the school, but suffice to say three CBWC (the old BUWC) folk teach there; Joyce Peasgood in spiritual formation, Rod Olson has taught Old Testament and John Prociuk has taught social justice issues. We have been very pleased to be working with Rocky’s President Dr Larry VanBeek and have also really appreciated Dr. Brian Stelck’s guidance from Carey Hall in the drafting of the agreement.

The relationship works something like this; we are looking for students to participate in the Edge (see RMC’s website) one-year program. The cost of the eight-month program is approximately $8000 for tuition and $4000 for living expenses. We will raise funds primarily from those who have found these kinds of programs important in their lives and give each student a $3000 grant. The grant will ask the student for a time of service in a CBWC church in Calgary or south-central Alberta for the first year of Rocky and a subsequent year in a CBWC church wherever the student is the following year.

Joyce Peasgood will be our Dean of Students, she will provide a rich network and community for students to learn in and Rod Olson will work in cooperation with local churches for student placements.

We are looking to a September start and for up to 50 students in our first year. Please pray for this endeavour. Undergrad education, community building and service are one of the cornerstones of a denomination.



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell