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All of us like to think of our churches as safe places. Sadly, many predators take advantage of the trusting and open environment within a church. It is essential that each and every CBWC church take active steps to prevent physical, emotional and sexual abuse within our congregations.

The Preventing Abuse in the Church manual helps churches develop policies and procedures that will protect children, youth and vulnerable adults from abuse.

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Lent is a time for self reflection and repentance. It begins on Ash Wednesday and runs until Maundy Thursday each year.


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CBOQ Easter Resources

—A Collection of Lent Reflections

—Recommended Books:

40 Days Living the Jesus Creed

The Art of Lent

The Seven Last Words from the Cross

Bread and Wine

Lent and Easter Wisdom from Henri J. M. Nouwen

—Recommended Articles:


—2021 Holy Week video preaching series available here.


We have compiled some resources for Advent readers, Candle readings, and Christmas Eve services. Please view these on our Advent page.

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Through Jesus, we are saved, transformed, forgiven, and given new life and purpose in Jesus. Baptism is symbolic of all these things and publicly shows that we’re serious about following God. Baptism is also a sign of entering the church; God adopts you as His child, giving you new brothers and sisters in the family of believers.

Because we come to faith through a free, personal decision, we practice the baptism of believers. We do not practice infant baptism, reserving baptism for adults and young people mature enough to make a fully conscious and committed decision. Following Biblical example and modeling the life, death and resurrection of Christ, we baptize by full immersion.

Here are some helps for teaching about baptism and how to enfold new children into the congregation:

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Church boards have a crucial role in the Body of Christ, as they discern God’s will for the leadership and mission of the local church. Contact your Regional Minister for support in electing a board, and download this helpful resource:

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“I have so appreciated the CBWC's investment in us, as a local church and me as an individual. I still can't believe that you know my name.” -CBWC Pastor

This section is currently under renewal. Please check back at a later time!

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Health and mental health issues, grief, marital stress and church conflict can all affect clergy families. Your Regional Minister is your first call for support, prayer and conversation.

If our staff are not personally equipped to help you deal with your specific struggle, we recommend connections to good resources such as books and our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with Telus Health One. Follow this link to find access to our Canadian Baptist Benefit Plan. Be aware of all that is offered through your EAP!

Taylor Seminary in Edmonton has an excellent clergy wellness project which offers retreats and training. Focus on the Family also has helpful Clergy Care resources, as do Faith and Health Connection, Shalem Network, and Duke Divinity School.

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Is your church prepared for a crisis? In emergencies, the role of the church is elevated in the community and the church has an opportunity to share God’s love in word and deed.

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Engaging Gospel: Why the Gospel is still Good News is a sermon series designed to help CBWC churches engage more deeply in understanding the Gospel for themselves in a way that might better connect with their daily communities. Visit the Engaging Gospel page for resource downloads and to join the discussion on how we as a family of churches can grow in our understanding and winsome expression of the Good News.

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Century II began as a project of the Baptist Men in 1980. Since then, the campaign has expanded to include donors from the larger CBWC family. We are excited to relaunch this program under a new name, C2, inviting a whole new generation of donors.

Four times a year, we will introduce a new project—each from a different region in the CBWC. Donor’s gifts combine to provide money for projects to improve facilities or equip the church or camp for new and innovative ministry.

Donate to C2 online, or contact your Regional Office to apply your church for a grant.

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Employees within the CBWC family of churches and partners have access to flexible, sustainable benefit options through the extensive Canadian Baptist Benefits Plan.

You will find a wealth of resources on the CB Benefits website including member newsletters, plan guides and booklets, as well as links to important forms.

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Churches aren’t governed by the same privacy protection laws as for-profit organizations, except in British Columbia. Yet protecting the privacy of congregation members is a best practice to strive for.

The CBWC has created some resources to make it easier for churches to explain privacy legislation and its implications.

Privacy Policy Experts:
Vancouver’s First Baptist Church

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One of the many ministry resources that the CBWC provides to its churches and pastors is our Sabbatical Leave Plan, which is understood to be leave from employment responsibilities for the purpose of personal renewal and academic pursuit. It is the responsibility of the local church to ensure pieces are in place to promote the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of its pastors as part of ongoing pastoral care.

Our Sabbatical Leave Policy explains the benefit and who is eligible to participate in the plan. The Sabbatical Withdrawal Application Form must be completed before funds can be released to the applicant. For more information, contact
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Take up the CBWC’s offer to help you become more effective in finding and supporting staff.

Contact for detailed information, and check out the resources provided:

Human Resources Toolkit

download Download

Conflict Resolution Toolkit

download Download

Salary Grid 2024

download Download

Salary Grid Letter 2024

download Download
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Although churches, ministries and camps desire to serve God freely and openly, they must also protect all those in their care.

This resource is being updated Summer 2023.

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Cultivate the Love of Reading and Reflecting

Theology for the Ordinary is an opportunity to read and reflect on theological issues, for pastors and congregants alike. Please visit our page for more information.

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The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada affirms the priesthood of all believers and fully supports women and men as being equally called for ministry. The CBWC offers women the encouragement and resources they need to grow in their love for God. Although Women in Focus is no longer a functioning committee of the CBWC, we continue to offer its training programs, Bible study materials and upcoming retreats and other events on their blog.

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Formerly called the Manual for Worship & Service, this resource has been used by Canadian Baptists for decades to assist in the planning of worship services, weddings and funerals, child dedications and other key events in the life of the local church.  Much of its material continues to be invaluable for pastors today, but in this age of electronic tools, its paper format had become less useful to some.

We now present to you Common Expressionthe updated, electronic version of the former Minister’s Manual.  What is new?

Most Scripture references are now quoted in the New Living Translation, unless specifically noted.  This translation continues to grow in usage as it more easily communicates the message to listeners of all ages.

  1. Updated language for some of the liturgies and worship guides
  2. Some additional new material for sample prayers, calls to worship and removal of less useful material.
  3. Easy “cut and paste” format that allows you to extract pieces you want to put into your own documents, phones or tablets.
  4. New low price of $10.00!

*Click below to purchase your copy

 *Please note: You will be taken to the CBWC’s event registration portal to make this purchase. The event is listed as Common Expression. Please fill out all necessary fields to proceed to payment section. Once payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent to you with the downloadable link.

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